[WIT Cohort 2] We advocate that you enable "Reply to All" in your email settings. Why do you think that is?


This is part of a pre-program activity for WIT Cohort 2. Learners may use this thread to post their thoughts.

[WIT Cohort 2] Q&A - Warmup activity

Instead of replying to a particular person, if 'Reply to all ’ is used, everyone in the community can get to know the questions or queries and the answers. The repetitive questions can be avoided and it saves time.There may be people in the community who would be afraid to ask something thinking that it would be stupid question. But on seeing the discussions in the group, they may get the guts to come forth and open up😄


“Reply All” is a mandatory because everyone on the email thread should receive our reply mails in order to keep a track on us. This will ensure that all the members in g@r knows the current status.


‘Reply to All’ ensures that everyone knows what’s happening around. This keeps all the members in the thread well informed.


‘Reply to all’ is basically advocated to make sure that everyone in the group is aware of each and every queries and responses given by the mentors and the participants. So everyone gets in track of the activity and also repeated questions can be avoided.


“Reply to all” is to ensure that everyone is informed about what is happening in the community.The common questions and issues will be received by everyone so that it will be easy to maintain and very useful to everyone.


This is mainly so that everyone is equally informed at all times. It also allows the Rethink team to become more efficient, they can discuss about our mails at one go as well as reduce the hassle of forwarding our emails !


Using ‘Reply to all’ in emails basically increases the productivity of the entire group. These are my formulations on using it,

  • The repeated asking of doubts and queries can be avoided.
  • The help seeker can get the help at a faster rate.
  • It leads to collective learning.


‘Reply to all’ ensures that everyone is on the same page as well as that any doubts/questions can be answered once. It also helps the team g@r keep a track of the progress and also be aware of any concerns that may arise.


"Reply to all " makes out a transperency in the group. Each and everyone being part of the programme would be able to hear our queries or else opinions and come up with their own solutions or else appreciations. It ensures that the questions being asked will not be repeated as some may have same sort of doubts within the group. An equality is also mainted by practising the same .


Reply to all is a good strategy.
Everyone will informed
The query will cleared by very soon
Beneficial to other peers.


Most email programs have a “Reply All” function: If you click it, every person listed in the original message’s “From,” “To” and “Cc” fields also will receive your reply. This differs from simple “Reply,” which will send a response only to the person who sent the original message, hence a useful for Rethink team because this will ensure that all the members in g@r know the current status.


I feel that Reply All is suggested so that anyone who is connected in the thread and has answer to our question or if there is some issue everyone is aware of , everyone stays on the same platform and anyone and everyone is welcome to read and answer that.


My thoughts on why Reply to all is that:

  1. I think Reply to All again acts as an open forum. Everybody gets a sense of whats happening and multiple solutions can be produced making the solution better.
  2. Saves time and eliminates repeated questions.
  3. Its always better not to break the thread.


The usage of reply to all is encouraged so as to keep all members of the communications aware of all the happenings within it. This is beneficial as it helps to prevent common workplace nuisances like repetition of the same query. It also improves a sense of communication and inculcates a greater level of connectivity among the members.


Reply to all is a good act. Everyone will be informed about it. So anyone can solve our issues as early as possible. It saves time.


“Reply to all” will help everyone know what your status is.Sometimes many can face the same issue.So by this we can avoid repetition of questions.It is not necessary that you get your answer from a guide, a fellow participant can also help you out.This way we all learn and support each other.


“Reply to all” helps the hosting part and the participants a lot. Considering the hosting part we can say that “Reply to all” helps them to solve the problem of answering repeated times. While considering the participants we can say that they can solve their queries and it help other participants as they don’t have to ask the same question again ,also they can get to know more about the programme. It is a time consuming method.


“Reply to All” is done so that everyone is updated with everything that’s happening around.