[WIT Cohort 2] We advocate that you cc governance@rethinkfoundation.in in all your emails. Why do you think that is?


This is part of a pre-program activity for WIT Cohort 2. Learners may use this thread to post their thoughts.

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The purpose of this is again, to let everyone in the community know what is happening. Be it the mentors or the members. This also avoids the problem of repeatability of questions.Moreover, anyone and everyone are free to reply and thus we get a variety of solutions if it’s a problem. Since cc is advocated everyone can see the discussions and we get the views of different people


This is practised to instill and promote transparency in the group. The idea, everything happens in the group with the knowledge of everyone in the group is behind cc g@r in all the emails. All the learners and the governing body get a notion of what is going on in the learning group. Also, this can discourage DMs throughout the learning programme.


Rethink wants all their communication to be on record and g@r in cc by itself is a written record and a governance mechanism. This is why cc at governance@rethinkfoundation.in.


The purpose of cc g@r in all emails is to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop. This makes sure that everyone is informed about what is happening and the mentors can step in whenever the need is felt.


Here the idea of advocating cc g@r is mainly to provide a transparency within the group. So that that both the sides the mentors/guides and the participants get to know the responses and queries and provide guidance on the various mistakes made by us and also provides tips on how to improve. This will also help in reducing repeated queries.


The reason why cc governance@rethinkfoundation.in is advocating in every email is that since we are working as a community, everyone can know about what is happening.
This creates a loop and everyone is connected to each other and everything happening is recorded, and there will be clarity in everything.


A few reasons just off the top of my head why we cc governance@rethinkfoundation in all our emails are -

  • Keep everyone informed of whatever is happening.
  • Sometimes, when we DM people we tend to get careless and casual in our email. This practice of ccing everyone will ensure that we keep our emails formal and to the point.
  • It ensures that there is a positive and polite community atmosphere.
  • It lets the organizing team of Rethink come up with solutions to our questions without them explaining the problem we faced over and over again.


Advocating cc g@r ensures transparency within the group as well as to keep a check on the progress of the group. While the participants mail a guide/mentor to ensure that the participants are respectful as well as to monitor whether the queries are resolved it’s important that g@r is in the loop. It also avoids repeatedly answering the same query.


The main idea on using cc governance@rethinkfoundation.in in all our mails is to make sure that every mails are transparent and under the supervision of the volunteers . The mentors could guide us properly if there is any sort of mistake from our side . It also ensures that everyone regardless of hierarchy comes to know about the related mails we sent .


cc g@r in all mails will improve the transparency in group…

With in the organization efficiency improved. No mail will go unseen.

In student side they will improve their performance , because everyone in​ the organization is seeing this.


CC is used For information only. The person need not to do anything or reply it. It’s for information, rethink departments for updating their records


I think we are asked to cc g@r because it is like the root of the tree, a place which should have access to all the information, any concept that is in a state of confusion, any matter which requires intervention , a place which has all and every content that concerns the Learning Program.


My thoughts on why cc g@r in all our mails is that:

  1. It informs the organizing team whats happening on our side.
  2. In direct mails, sometimes there’s a chance that we become careless and may not end up with a mail that looks and feels professional. If we have someone who monitors it , that’s not the case we recheck and become more careful on our language and make sure that its perfect. ie, we tend to draft better emails. Thanks to rethink and WIT for the opportunity.
  3. They can provide guidance on what is wrong and how to correct it, may be the mail we write happens to be offensive we may not understand. All these issues can be rectified.
  4. If we are at a problem, since the organizing team is looped in, they know what the issue is and maybe can help us resolving it.


The idea to cc governance@rethinkfounfation is crucial to smooth and efficient functioning of the entire system for several reasons. Primarily, it keeps everyone informed and in the loop, this transparency works on several levels as it helps to maintain decorum in all official communications and interactions. This promotes morale and keeps the members alert and formal. Further, the involvement of the organising bodies via the system of cc enables them to provide proper help as they can provide subject specific help and constructive criticism, when necessary, since they are aware of all that is happening. Additionally, it allows them to step in and prevent instances of misdimeanor on the part of the learners, or the professionals we have to interact with over the course of the program.


When we provide cc as g@r, everyone will get the mail . Everyone will get to know what our activities are.Anyone who sees our mail can provide the required guidance.


The main goal I think is to let everyone know what you are up to and it helps the guides to give any suggestions they may have.Everyone can know and can learn from others.Anyone in the community can help by this practice.


This helps the people at the hosting end to look after a large number of participants. If one person doesn’t know the reply to a mail then the other can answer to it. It keep this programme transparent. This helps to avoid direct messages so that a single person doesn’t undergo through the pressure.


To promote transparency and to help the students in case of trouble.
Also to keep track of all things happening. A third party can always approach Governance in case of any doubts or queries