[WIT Cohort 2] Q&A - Warmup activity


Post questions about warmup activities for WIT Cohort 2.
We’ll look at this thread every two days but if you come across a question you can answer, go ahead and do it!

Submissions for the week

  1. Create a video tutorial on DialogFlow and publish it on your YouTube channel. Make the video “public” when posting - Use / tutorial in bot to submit link to your Youtube video.

  2. Read and think about this article on Inbox Zero and other Email tips - Post segments that you found most interesting and why in this discourse thread.

  3. We’ve identified three concepts that we advocate and want you to share your thoughts about why you think we might be advocating them. Post your thoughts in the corresponding discourse threads:

  1. Why do we not encourage DMs?
  1. Why cc governance@rethinkfoundation.in?
  1. Why use “Reply to All”?
  1. As always, pen down your TWTW - Use / twtw in bot to submit link to your TWTW.