Reading material


*Democratisation of opportunity

The portions from Unscaled and On writing well comes to mind
Constitution: Article 1 - India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States
Start the day as a producer - Ref: 500 words before 9am by Kiruba
Search v/s sort
Rethinking Money
Most job roles happen through networks
HBR articles: Customer service etc
Social psychology
Wealth article
Economics, psychology, financial literacy.
Break into smaller manageable chunks
Manage attention - Program or be programmed
Makers, Linchpin, cognitive surplus, rise of collaborative consumption,
Peers inc, Wikinomics
Zero Marginal Cost society, Free, Year without pants, 37 signals
Four hour workweek, Shiv Khera, Rich dad, poor dad.
Pfeffer, Power.

Will look to review my notes and books and have more material included for consideration

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GDP as a measure of prosperity
Economy, productivity