Mark g@r in cc, not v@r


We’re repurposing our v@r email address.

v@r ( served two purposes until now:

  1. Facilitating guidance
  2. Governance

While the email solved our governance requirement, we noticed that it became increasingly difficult to continue facilitating information over email owing to reasons below:

  1. Information remained public - Majority of emails coming in to us are about topics that will be useful to all. Making information and our guidance public would help a lot of people.
  2. Emails go unnoticed amidst large volumes of learning program or operational emails.

This leads us to splitting function of v@r into two separate units.

  1. Discourse will be our mode of facilitating guidance and not v@r emails. If people wish to write in with questions, they will have to do so through this discussion board now.
  2. We introduce for all governance purposes ie, g@r is the email that must be cc’d by all email conversations.