#GoSingapore Trip Planning


Singapore trip planning.

sheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c-tKWkuz4Yr3i_pVtFGYSlyWxYzPtmXfsETmXfb3bIE/edit#gid=1743299416

website - https://sites.google.com/s/1XBIO4nWukqnMOW6_l-UFD0x7koleNLRw/p/1xtUCybDjiQiaW4QtnO_Z-wvxz3dSvBAr/edit


Purpose of Visit to NTU
we are a delegation of 3 female early career professionals from India
We aspire to pursue graduate education from world class universities and NTU is one of our target colleges
We also hope to structure a singapore university exposure program for young women like us who
the delegation is part of Rethink’s Women in Tech Learning Program ans is currently supported by kerala startup mission

Background - Rethink;


Program Name Suggestions
Early Career Exposure Program
Singapore Study Tour
Women in Tech Singapore Exposure Program
Women in Tech Exposure Program
Women in Leadership Exposure Program - Singapore


Orgs to knock for funding

  1. Shashi Tharoor Foundation
  3. Tata Trust
  4. eWIT/Tina
  5. Sheroes