Figuring out GitHub Pages Book & GitBook


Looking to have all our Rethink properties moved to GitHub Pages & GitBook


Gitbook tutorial by Rebecca Peltz

Medium article references in the video

Excerpts from the article

GitBook Version 2 was released a few months ago and if you navigate to ‘’ you’ll be working in Version 2, which is not a static site generator. You can still access Version 1 by navigating to ‘’. Because Version 2 is not a static site generator, it can’t be hosted elsewhere.

The legacy GitBook defined an editor, a command line interface, and a toolchain for creating and publishing content. The product of these tools was a set of markdown and HTML that could be served anywhere. I like that flexibility because I like to take advantage of and configure my repo to be served from

Screengrab from the video


Have created a tutorial for setting up git and github.

Also managed to add the edit in Github in the same page.


Arya’s attempts with the WIT page & Opportunity handbook

@jibinjose - You should have a video also added to your tutorial (Reference below)


@skg sure, will add that to the tutorial.


You can follow a simple hack to convert wiki to md

  • Go to edit wiki page
  • Copy the entire content to a text editor and save it as .md
  • Use this link to convert it to md
  • Create a new page in gitbooks
  • Paste the corresponding md in your github .md page just created(repo of gitbooks)
  • Save/ Commit - you should have the change reflected in the corresponding gitbook page.


Thanks @jibinjose

This script works. Have to edit to remove frontmatter, change file name, ensure title comes up in post.

We can bulk upload to github repo also. But then only files listed in will be built into gitbook. If we figure out a way to list all posts in, then our medium --> gitbook migration is sorted.

This appears to be a solution -


Converting media wiki tables to csv -
Converting csv table to md -

Converting mediawiki to github markdown - export wiki files in XML, convert using method suggested below.

Located usecase similar to that of ours. These guys wanted more students to contribute tutorials and mediawiki wasnt working so well for them. so they migrated to gitpages. Find their discussion on migrating mediawiki content to gitpages below:

Final website:
Theme they’ve used:

  1. Download/export content from medium
  2. Use the above python script to convert each blog post to markdown files
  3. Upload to github

The format of an ideal markdown file is here. We need to edit the blog posts to have this new format.